(DM 303) Roman Spear - B007ROJT36

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  • Museum Replica of Roman Spear

  • Includes Detailed Descriptions

  • Historical Roman Museum Replica

  • Cast in Resin from Original

  • Roman Army

  • The Roman thrusting spear was carried from the ninth century B.C. to the fall of the Western Empire in A.D. 476. Roman spear was a 6½ foot pole with a 6 inch iron spearhead. Foundation of Army (800 B.C. - 315 B.C.) Early Roman warriors used thrusting spears in intra-tribal battles. By 315 B.C. early Roman infantry overthrew the Etruscan occupation using Greek hoplite tactics carrying spears and shields. Roman Republic Army 315 B.C. - 31 B.C.) With the territorial victories of the Second Punic War, Rome began developing a professional Roman Army. Roman citizens were organized into disciplined mobile units called legions. Each soldier carried a shield, short sword, and two throwing javelins, or pila. Around 200 B.C. Roman allied troops were organized to support the legions. The auxilia were comprised of non-Roman citizens used as light infantry, skirmishers, and light cavalry support. Auxiliary units were lightly armed with shields and thrusting spears. The Imperial Roman Army (31 B.C. - A.D. 284) While Roman legions were invading and capturing new territories. Non citizen auxiliary troops were used to occupy conquered Roman provinces such as Judea. In A.D. 212, citizenship was granted to all free-born inhabitants of the Empire. The Roman Army became a defense force charged with maintaining vast borders in fixed garrisons. The auxiliary forces grew to comprise more than 60% of Roman formations. Late Roman Army (A.D. 284 - A.D. 476) In the third and fourth centuries, Rome struggled to maintain its vast territories with a salaried professional army. More allied and mercenary troops were recruited. Mercenary troops represented the major part of the Empire's armed forces. Rome's military structure disappeared. Late Roman troops were lightly armed mounted archers and infantry, in units of varying size and quality. The spear was a primary weapon of light cavalry and infantry units.

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    (DM 303) Roman Spear - B007ROJT36